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Singer, composer, art direction

Singer, composer, art direction
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Singer, composer, art direction

"Electropop band composed of two singers, Chloé Fabre and Radha Valli, and one producer, Christian Bouyjou. Major influence for a visual electro pop lovers generation, shooting star Exchpoptrue glinted into the underground culture as much as in the disco mainstream one.  

The first gig took place at the Pulp club back in 2002, as special guests of a night set up by Büro, an organisation dedicated to experimental and dance music. The Pulp is one of the most renowned parisian venues (alongside the Nouveau Casino, the Elysée-Montmartre or the Batofar where exchpoptrue played also) and perhaps the warmest and sexiest of the lot. A few months later, an encounter with the infamous David Caretta (Gigolo Record) led them to sign with his own label, Space Factory. The first single "Discoteca", reaches « numero uno » in the Italian charts and MTV Italia's playlist during summer 2003. "Lost and Found" became in 2005 the sound of Vittel TV ad. It appears on the very fashionable and frenchie Kitsuné Maison#1 compilation.  

Beetween 2002 and 2006, the band played all over the world. This faster-than-light evolution hasn't changed their trashy, off-beat style one bit : the girls carried on playing up their sequined mise en scène and cabaret choreography, decked out in all kinds of accessories : masks, white fur-lined boots, gogo-dancers. The grotesque postures and other perverse and steamily provocations echo their heady electronic music, made of cheap keyboards and inspired by 80s cold wave and italo disco. Behind the artificiality, the flippancy and the flash lie biting lyrics that deal with our society as it stands, caught between hypocondria, paranoia and collective madness. Exchpoptrue pushes pleasures, excitements and the delights of entertainment to their very limits and then tips them over into decadence." Hervé Lucien  

Exchpoptrue released the album Autofan on April 2006 on the Popcornlab label before spliting up. This is a compilation of greatest hits. They came back for one-off concert in 2013, on the after party for La Grande Bellezza, in Festival de Cannes.  
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